Gaito Pasquale
Pasquale Gaito - Intercar Manager
Intercar Group is a supplier of global solutions for post-production phases and for storage logistics: a System Integrator that proposes itself as qualified partner to improve businesses’ efficiency and profitability.
Intercar Group is oriented to solve the strategic problems linked to production processes and companies’ management of logistics, thanks to specialized competences that guarantee its clients effective and adequate solutions for their demands.

The company that relies upon Intercar for renewing or upgrading its productive structures makes a crucial choice: to automate production lines through intelligent machines that perform repetitive operations continuously, or optimizing the in-door materials handling activities ,like loading, unloading and stocking - through automatic systems,results in reduction of costs and fast return of investments with consequent enhancement of competitiveness.

Being oriented to continuous innovation and to find accurate and reliable solutions, Intercar is the ideal technological partner able to set up complete plants, technologically advanced but operationally flexible, easy to use under all conditions.