Toyota method

The Toyota Way is held as point of reference for the organizational development of an enterprise. It applies to businesses of all sizes (small - medium - large) and to all phases of their processes (production - logistics - administration - marketing). Such method implies respect and consideration among the staff of the company, both vertically (chief-subordinate) and horizontally (among employees). The Toyota Way for instance allows any member of staff to offer suggestions every time he thinks having detected possibility for improvement of the business processes. At the same time every collaborator’s proposal deserves an answer, either positive or negative: if his suggestion is not applicable, he is informed of the reasons in order to increase his awareness of the processes and open the way to possible new contributions, or, if the suggestion is accepted, it is implemented in a short time.
Taiichi Ohno (author of the Toyota Way) affirmed "people mainly come in Toyota to think". Application of the Toyota way is founded on two parallel lines, the Toyota Wayand the Toyota Production System, which concern respectively improvement of a company’s staff and organization of its production system. By adoption of the Toyota Way as a whole a company can attain “exceptional results with normal people".

Who uses the Toyota method